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Nitinol - Free Energy
micika988 Nitinol - Free Energy 15.02.2021. 13:52 T68068

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broj poruka: 2000
Free Energy Nitinol Heat Machines invented in the early 1970, 0/1kw


Ovde - POLITEHNIKA 2019 - Београдска политехника (Pametni tekstili u dizajnu)

DA SKAČE KAO MAČE NA KOLAČE Stižu implanti za penis

75e/1m zica (mozda je pojeftinila)

ako neko iskopa nesto novo/ima zanimljivu ideju primene neka prilozi...

`The aim of public education is not to spread enlightement at all. It is
simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level,
to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originallity.`
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JovanZ Au 19.02.2021. 02:05 #668612

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broj poruka: 2999
`don`t worry about where it`s coming from. It`s a gift from God.`
Da l` su ovi realni? Jel naucnici tako pricaju?

Ne postoji besplatna energija. Niti pertetuum mobile.

Informaciona pismenost

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micika988 ... 19.02.2021. 10:41 #668613

status: user
broj poruka: 2000
kako li bi ti isti ateisti od naucnka progutali pricu da je mozda drpljeno od `malih zelenih`:


`more than 40 witnesses to the Roswell crash mentioned that a metal-L-I-K-E material from the site could `remember itself``
`some of these futuristic materials have the potential to make things invisible, `compress` electromagnetic energy, and even slow down the speed of light.` `

mada kako je taj isti Pentagon odavno izgubio ikakav kredibilitet (ako ga je ikad i imao), price ovog tipa ce da prodju i odu

nego nisam te pitao za zdravlje, kako se osecas posle `genetskog tretmana`:

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to
Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans

reaction in young children given an inactivated RSV vaccine and subse-
quently infected with naturally-occurring RSV [32–33]. Most of
these children experienced severe disease with infection that led to
a high frequency of hospitalizations. two children died from the
infection [33,40,41]. The conclusion from that experience was
clear. RSV lung disease was enhanced by the prior vaccination.

drugim recima kad ponovo budes naleteo na `korona` virus, ko zna sta te ceka

i da, obavezno nastavi da nosis masku:

Microbial Contamination on Used Surgical Masks among Hospital Personnel and
Microbial Air Quality in their Working Wards: A Hospital in Bangkok

This present study revealed that the high bacterial contamination
on the outside area of the used surgical masks had significantly
positive correlation with bacterial and fungal counts found in air
samples that were collected from the working wards. To reduce the
load of bacterial contamination on the used masks, the hospital
environments, especially microbial air quality in the working wards
should be improved.

Pazi dobro sta pipas i sta god da dotaknes (ukljucujuci mobilni) obavezno operi ruke posle toga, racunaj da ces bar 50-tak puta dnevno morati da peres ruke ili proporcionalno tome promenis broj rukavica/maski .)

izvori koji se mogu preslusati u slobodno vreme:

The Truth About PCR Tests
Dr. Simone Gold
Sara Beltrán Ponce: Wisconsin resident doctor has miscarriage days after COVID “vaccine”
https://tinyurl.com/1sfxovng, thecovidblog.com

iz goreg prilozenog/navedenog i onoga sto me okruzuje, moras priznati da covek moze biti malo skeptican pri davnju izjava tipa da `perpetum mobile` ne postoji

`The aim of public education is not to spread enlightement at all. It is
simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level,
to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originallity.`

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JovanZ Au 20.02.2021. 03:28 #668633

status: user
broj poruka: 2999
Mora da je tesko nositi toliko znanje na svojim ledjima.

Informaciona pismenost

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micika988 ... 20.02.2021. 13:10 #668639

status: user
broj poruka: 2000
kakvo je takvo je, ne svidza ti se, nadogradi ga (ako mozes), samo uradi dobru pripremu, treba puno vremena i dobre volje da se dodje do od zivota znacajnih informacija, sem za onu nekolicinu prepametnih koji proskroluju kroz materiju i posle na cupriji plate ceh, njima nema pomoci

`The aim of public education is not to spread enlightement at all. It is
simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level,
to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originallity.`

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micika988 ... 23.02.2021. 11:12 #668664

status: user
broj poruka: 2000
i da bese prica o ovome ranije:

by Charles Galton Darwin
Edited, and with an Afterword by Giles Laurén


1. As cheap, fossil/nuclear, fuels are sine qua no of twenty-first century life, each energy price increase will elevate the price of almost everything else: gasoline, electricity, HVAC, food, housing, plastics, textiles, asphalt, solvents, transportation, mining, chemicals, manufacture/processing, and so on. Moreover, these increases will be constant, cumulative and non-reversible. For example, in the case of the automobile, an oil price increase will be passed on to an increase in the prices of gasoline, motor oil, repairs, insurance, steel, plastics, glass, asphalt, rubber, labour and so on. So, as oil prices rise, so will the costs of manufacturing and delivering the vehicle and of maintaining the roads it drives on. This means fewer car sales and a loss of automobile industry jobs.

2. Food prices will raise. Mining and refining fertilisers, transporting them, spreading them, spraying crops, sowing and harvesting crops, processing, packing, cold storage and transportation to market all depend on energy. So do food packaging and cooking. The cost of clothing will increase from increases in the cost of cotton and petroleum-based fabrics, increases in production costs and transportation to markets.

3. The price of depleting oil and natural gas will increase the cost of electricity, only tempered by increased use of nuclear power with its concomitant nuclear waste and fissionable material for yet more bombs.

4. As the Consumer Price Index increases many parity increases will be activated: retirement and health care entitlements, salaries, rents, etc.. everything linked to inflation. It is impossible to predict how high the inflation rate will go O-R even against what measure of value it will be measured.

5. Wars for the necessities of the past will introduce the New Order while checking population growth and social unrest. They shall also certainly destroy food production. An atomic war will redefine a far more limited future. Israel shall be obliterated in all events due to its dependance on energy.

6. The mobility of police and military powers will diminish with higher fuel costs and suburban crime will increase inversely. As governments seek to maintain civil order more vicious means will be introduced. Aerial and naval fleets will become inoperable on their present scale. Armies will lose their mechanisation. There will be an increase in need induced crime and Mafia-L-I-K-E social forces will appear that will operate along racial lines and will provide better ‘justice’ than that existing. These may be a natural evolution of the prosperous drug gangs.

7. Computers and computerised communication will allow an atrophy of government and business. It will be found that very little office space will be needed because most white collar workers will be able to work from home. This will lead to the abandonment of office towers, the first five floors of which will be converted to housing and the higher floors will be de-constructed for their materials. Abandoned suburban homes will be occupied by squatters and plundered for fuel.

8. In the history of the world, there has never been a ‘democracy’ that lasted more than a couple of generations and there has never been a ‘multicultural’ democracy. The pretence of democracy will be quickly abandoned by new autocracies that will claim to protect the people. This will lead to the fracturing of larger states into smaller, more governable, self sufficient states with homogenous populations and similar beliefs. There will be many attractions to war: to gain farmland, to drain off surplus population, to stimulate production and to preoccupy the people. Corporate oligarchies may briefly emerge and collapse, but the best form of government will be found to be the military dictator. Communism will again appear the most humane form of social organisation. Non monetary forms of motivation will be discovered and exploited. A new class of militant civil servant will develop.

9. A new level of population reflecting greatly reduced food production will be reached. Those tolerant of post industrial toxins will be advantaged.

10. Material conditions will deteriorate and be replaced by moral values. life styles will become more self contained and populations denser, more virtual. people will work at home, eat at home. holidays and entertainment will occur largely at home. Retail shops will be superseded by warehouse based inventory and urban home delivery. Repair facilities will in part replace manufacture.

11. Education will abandon ‘special programmes’ for ‘special needs’ in favour of necessary learning. Many present degree programmes will be eliminated as frivolous. Institutions such as adult education, libraries, museums, theatres and the L-I-K-E will find virtual replacements. Engineers and soldiers will be in demand. The young will enter the workforce, civil O-R military, earlier and any higher education will be limited to the most able. Programmes for the handicapped, the chronically ill, the mentally ill, the obese, the stupid, the deviant, etc. will be redundant due to eugenic eliminations. parasites will not be hosted. Citizenship will regain its prestige while any question of ‘rights’ will become risible. Incarceration as a form of punishment will be replaced by productive high risk combat O-R toxic clean-up time.

12. Necessity will compel urban living on the great majority. They will be housed in buildings only so high as they may climb. perhaps five storeys. They may enjoy certain urban benefits: civil order, electricity, water, public transportation and communications. Each small state will develop its own dialect. Emigration will largely cease for want of means and benefit.

13. A communistic form of indenture will be the natural condition for the great majority. It will provide employment in exchange for security. ‘Free range’ men may have to compete against specialised clones.

14. There will be a rebirth in religion and philosophy and a growth in social organisations such as brotherhoods, cults and clans.

15. There will be little need nor public concern for medical progress. Pharmaceutical objectives are more L-I-K-Ely to be in psychedelic, calming and numbing narcotics. Life expectancy will shorten. There will be little interest in synthetic foods since they offer no long term advantage. Epidemics along with other natural disasters will occur.

16. Man’s waste, past and present, will slowly be reprocessed. Packaging will become austere. Pure water and air shall be increasingly hard to be had and more expensive.

17. Cannibalism will mean the difference between survival and extinction in certain regions. Recall that mankind’s dominant emotion has always been fear.


The above is merely a little speculating of the sort Darwin would have indulged in and is appended here, not as a prediction, but as a provocation to thought.
We shall never know, of course, just how many of the preceding thoughts occurred to Darwin and his friends. For my part, I would be surprised if that last brilliant generation of original thinkers had not considered them all and a good many others besides.
Might they not have asked: ‘Would it be good O-R bad for man the discover a source of unlimited, cheap energy’?
Sacramento 2012
Giles Laurén

`The aim of public education is not to spread enlightement at all. It is
simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level,
to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originallity.`

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